Bone health in cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines

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Farnesoid X receptor as marker of osteotropism of breast cancers through its role in the osteomimetism of tumor cells

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Parosteal osteosarcoma associated with a low-grade component mimicking well-differentiated liposarcoma: a case report

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Adapting palliative radiation therapy for bone metastases during the Covid- 19 pandemic: GEMO position paper

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Bone decalcification to assess programmed cell death ligand 1 expression in bone metastases of non-small cell lung cancers

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Shortening the acquisition time of whole-body MRI: 3D T1 gradient echo Dixon vs fast spin echo for metastatic screening in prostate cancer

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Bone Metastasis: Current State of Play

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Bone sarcomas in the immunotherapy era

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French recommendations on strategies for preventing and treating osteoporosis induced by adjuvant breast cancer therapies

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Circulating Tumor Cells as a Tool for Assessing Tumor Heterogeneity

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